Traditional Scottish Clothing

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Due to this uniqueness, Scottish clothing, especially the traditional dress has aroused many people’s interest. And, this article will introduce you some useful information of the traditional Scottish clothing.

Generally speaking, Traditional Scottish clothing features with the ‘plaid’ or tartan. You may have seen that tartan is a popular pattern that consists vertical and criss-crossed horizontal bands. And, they come in different colors. As to the materials that are used to make the tartan, woven cloth is the common material in the past. Nowadays, many other fabrics can be used to make the tartan too.

Nowadays, the Scottish kilt is commonly worn at Highland games, sports events or on some other formal occasions.

While, some elements included in the Scottish kilt has been adopted by the fashion world. You may have noticed that in mainstream fashion, tartan has become more and more showed on catwalks, which attract both the Scottish and non-Scottish fans’ interest. And, they prefer to wearing clothing in this style to make an unique fashion statement.

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