Causes Of Squeaky Shoes

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Squeaky shoes is very common. This can make us annoyed sometimes. To solve the problem, we must be aware of the reasons that cause the problem. Keep reading and get the information you want to know.

There are many factors that can cause squeaky shoes, including the excessive moisture, friction and the loose heel. Sometimes, new shoes will also squeak. As the time goes by, the shoes will become more flexible and then the problem will go away. Other than these reasons, defects in the fabricating process of the shoes may also make the shoe squeak. In most of the case, fixing squeaky shoes is fairly simple.

Based on the kind of shoe material as well as the source of the noise, people can usually find some certain remedies that can work well to fix the squeaky shoes. The following are some tips you can take as reference.

As one of the common shoe type, leather shoes usually will squeak due to various reasons. And, the most common reason is its dryness. To solve the problem, you can apply a leather conditioner to the shoes. Other than leather conditioner, saddle soap can also be used to moisturize leather. In order to soften the leather and reduce the squeaking, you need leave the products soak into the shoes overnight. If your shoes are leather shoes with laces, the friction between the shoe tongue and the tied laces will also cause the squeaky. In this situation, applying a thin coat of conditioner to the shoe tongue will be recommended.

Shoe squeaky usually happens to the formal dress shoes too. You know, most of the formal dress shoes are designed with the heels. And, as the time goes by, the heels will become loose and the shoes will start squeaking when you takes a step. In order to solve this problem, you need get your shoes checked regularly and then fix the shoes as soon as possible if there have any.

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