Tips To Wear Necklaces

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We all know that wearing jewelry can help to enhance our appearance. While, if we select the wrong items or wear them in a wrong way, it will tend to be a real detraction from our appearance.

Although there are no official rules on how to wear jewelry, there are still some tips we can follow to ensure that we make the right selection and make a wonderful fashion statement. This article will introduce you some good tips of wearing necklace.

When you are selecting jewelry, the first thing you need know is that if your jewelry is the appropriate size for your body, it will be more flattering. For example, if you are a curvy woman, you need try to avoid diminutive or fragile pieces. Because, they will get lost on a larger frame. And, if you are a petite woman, items that will drag your look down or diminish your height should be avoided, such as long earrings and the long necklaces.
No matter what you choose, keep in mind that fit is key. To make the perfect selection, you need take your face shape, skin tone, dressing style, personality and your body shape into consideration. For example, you need stay away from shorter necklaces if you have a round face or short, heavy neck. Instead, you can choose a necklace with 24 inches or longer to create a leaner appearance instead of make viewer focus on your chin and neck area. Other choices including multi-strand necklace, long earrings, necklace layering and so on. For those people who have a long thin neck, then, opt for shorter earrings or shorter strands will help to make a more flattering look.

When choosing jewelry, you need also consider your tops. It is true that a wide open neckline or strapless top can match well with jewelry. Nevertheless you need make some changes sometimes to create the look you want. If you don’t know how to start, you can search online to get some wonderful ideas.

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