Knowing Different Colors Effect On People

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As we all know, colors are powerful in affecting people’s impressions, both for the clothing items or the accessories colors we choose. Different colors can send different massage to others, including one’s fashion taste, personality, status and so on. The following are some introduction about some general categories of colors and the messages conveyed by the colors.

Firstly, we will introduce you the strong authoritarian colors, including black, dark blue and dark charcoal grey. These colors will project an image of strength, power and no-nonsense confidence and they are in positions of leadership. Each of these color will convey different meaning. As one of the most classic color, black is seen as secretive, depressing and depressing. So, people who pair black outfit are not considered to be warm and friendly. Also, black is a color that can make the people look thinner. It is obvious that black is stylish and sophisticated color.

Other colors that are associated with power, authority, leadership and even loyalty are the lighter shades of grey and navy blue. Compared with dark grey and black, these colors are more approachable and they are warmer. It is a tendency that men prefer navy blue and women consider medium shade of blue as an ideal choice. To project wisdom, one can choose grey pinstripe, and to project flexibility and friendliness, olive will be wonderful.

Then, we will talk about the bright colors including purple, bright blues, red, turquoise and so on. If you are aiming to bring others sexy, energetic feeling, greens and fuchsia will be your choice. As autumn is coming, it is necessary for us to consider the autumn colors. These colors include muted shades of gold, olive, rust, brown, burgundy and olive. They are perceived as humble, caring and trustworthy. While, you need know that this category of the colors lacks in the competency, leadership and strength.

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